Mark Humphrey is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, multidisciplinary artist and philanthropist (painter, sculptor, designer, inventor, and mentor) quoted as, “A talented polymath – da Vinci meets James Bond.” Humphrey passionately honours philanthropic subjects with empathy, excellence, and integrity to build a professional, multifaceted body of original work spanning over 25 years. With 12 solo shows, 25 public artworks, and 10 tours including managing his philanthropic art fund, he is based in London and works globally.

Humphrey’s multiskilled expertise, energetic focus, determined enthusiasm, and insatiable curiosity about all aspects of civilisation, lead him to explore dynamic themes through connecting: proactive visions, imaginative ideas, project partnerships, innovative techniques, and ‘magical‘ opportunities to inspire creativity. His prolific and pioneering artworks produce expeditious and emotively engaging results across all industries.

His clients and collectors include Allianz, Apple Records (Beatles label), Audi, British Armed Forces (MoD), Canary Wharf Group, CBRE, Fendi, GB Canoe Teams, George Harrison, Grosvenor Estate, Harrods, Jumeirah, Kenzo, Land Securities, Louis Vuitton, Mittal Steel, Prostate Cancer UK, Ralph Lauren, Ringo Starr, Royal British Legion, and Royal Wootton Bassett. Dedications by celebrities, Government Ministers, Lord Mayors, officials, and Royalty.

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