Mark Humphrey international award-winning artist and philanthropist, quoted as ‘a talented polymath with genuine creative urgency.’

Story influenced by his arts and crafts family upbringing.

Humphrey states, ‘I believe prolific work and multiple creative skill sets, help capture ‘magical’ artistic opportunities.’

Mission multidisciplinary, multifaceted, multiskilled work.

Vision dynamic, emotive, engaging artworks.

Philosophy imaginative ideas, innovative making, inspiring creativity.

Core Value passionately honouring philanthropic subjects: with excellence, integrity, professionalism.

Collectors eg Apple Records (Beatles label), British Armed Forces (MoD), Canary Wharf Group, CBRE, Fendi, George Harrison, Grosvenor Estate, Harrods, Jumeirah, Kenzo, Land Securities, Louis Vuitton, Mittal Steel, Prostate Cancer UK, Ralph Lauren, Ringo Starr, Royal British Legion, Royal Wootton Bassett. Dedications by government ministers, Lord Mayors, and Royalty.

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