Mark Humphrey is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning British artist, designer and inventor of “dynamic” concepts in life. His multidisciplinary projects demonstrate a diverse curiosity, scale, and scope of interests, quoted as “a talented polymath with excellent entrepreneurial skills and genuine creative urgency.”

Humphrey is based in London and works globally. He specialises in conceptual visions by combining art, design and invention for architecture, fashion, graphic, installation, interior, painting, product, sculpture, and transport disciplines. Humphrey is developing a revolutionary creative philosophy, represented by his ADI360 code rooted in imaginative thinking and sketch work expertise. He believes in a higher-level of creativity founded on artistic energy, shared ideas and connected skill sets.

Humphrey works with a variety of clients, collectors, partners, and sponsors, such as Apple Records (Beatles label), BAE Systems, British Armed Forces, Canary Wharf Group, Dover Town Council, Fendi, GB Paracanoe Team, George Harrison, Grosvenor Estate, Harrods, Jumeirah Hotels, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Mittal Steel, National Maritime Museum, Prostate Cancer UK, Ralph Lauren, Ringo Starr, Rolls Royce Cars, The Other Palace Theatre (Westminster City Council/Andrew Lloyd Webber), The Royal British Legion, and The Rug Company. Celebrities, government ministers, Lord Mayors, officials, and royalty have dedicated his public artworks.

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