Mark Humphrey is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist who has worked within the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, digital art, design and architecture.

Humphrey’s latest artistic endeavours successfully amalgamate the expertise gained from his lifelong creative pursuits. Utilising his pioneering techniques and experimental philosophy has culminated in the development of his revolutionary style, which he calls painting on air.

At the core of this visionary discovery is the most distilled expression of Humphrey’s journey thus far. This is seen through his ability to encapsulate the essence within the composition, by his exploration of the interconnectedness of concept, structure and aesthetic.

Describing his creative directive, Humphrey states, “I make vibrant ‘painting sculpture’ where paint floats across air as suspended strands of the soul.”

He continues, “My work is about the interconnectivity of life. The art must be constructed in ways to reflect this and should be intertwined within the fabric of life itself. I want people to feel the energy from these connecting threads.”

Humphrey concludes, “I believe art has a role to play in helping people connect to themselves, to others and to the world around them.”


Humphrey has demonstrated a unique ability to incorporate every insightful element of his journey into his works; imbuing them with a complex and engaging blend of exposed raw physicality, deeply intelligent emotion and meaningful story telling. This invariably elicits a multidimensional and multilayered reaction as the observer interacts with the pieces and connects to the shared human experience that his intense works unveil.

The unparalleled passion, curiosity and freshness that Humphrey brings as he embarks on each new challenge and subject is remarkable. Saatchi wrote, “Humphrey is more creative,” which has established him as “a new super-discipline of visual creativity,” as stated by Identity magazine.

His ambitiously dynamic and wide-ranging artworks remain rooted in his high personal standards and professional practice. Humphrey’s infectious enthusiasm for creating quality works, as stated by The Times, “is altogether different”; where he is described as “a rare magician transforming absolutely unique” and “unusual things.”

The Independent quoted him as “A talented polymath with excellent entrepreneurial skills and genuine creative urgency.” Humphrey is also known for his ever-growing collection of personal sketchbooks. Throughout his life, he has been meticulously sketching, making models and writing notes on a variety of interests including education, environment, health, human rights, philanthropy, religion, social sciences, sports and technology.





To date, Humphrey has prolifically created over 4,000 sketch pages, which are displayed in his Tapestry Of Ideas, 2000-2023; a constantly growing and evolving montage that currently spans over 100 metres. The innovative digital version of this flamboyant tapestry creates a visual ticker-tape timeline, providing a uniquely intimate insight into Humphrey’s extraordinary mind and career.

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